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Congratulations Megan G. on wining the Woodbury Lane blanket scarf and earrings!

In celebration of the launch of Influential Gal, I am doing a week’s worth of giveaways! The first giveaway is a beautiful blanket scarf and earrings from Woodbury Lane. The giveaway is only open for a few days so hurry and enter!

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I want to introduce you to the founder of Woodbury Lane, Katelyn Kosinski. I met her at a blog conference where she told me about her shop that she was launching. She ended up launching Woodbury Lane earlier this month and I have to say that I am completely obsessed with every single piece in the shop. Below is a Q&A with Katelyn on how she launched her dream career.

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1.Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started?

After graduating college, my plan was to take over my dad’s insurance business. About six months prior to graduation, I had the realization that I could run a business from my home, in a field that I was more passionate about and had a better opportunity for growth. That business was an online boutique and about a year after I had that realization, Woodbury Lane was officially born. Woodbury Lane is a shop that is different from most online boutiques for a few reasons. We are not one of those stores that purchases the most inexpensive items that we find to gain a huge profit margin. Cheap wholesale items usually means cheap quality and we don’t believe in that. Woodbury Lane is also not a boutique that is solely focused on brand name items. We fall somewhere in between, at a point where we can still bring you great quality items, while also at a reasonable price point. 99% of our items are under $100. Woodbury Lane believes in style over trends and quality over quantity.

2. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy the creative side of my job the most by far. What I mean by this is doing things like organizing and executing the photo shoots, designing and laying out my website, and curating new seasonal collections. With that being said, you should also know that this is the smallest part of what I do. Most days my primary focuses are on budgets, sales, inventory management, and marketing.

3. What is your advice for other entrepreneurs and small business owners?

I’ve only been operating an open business for a few short weeks but I suppose I would say that we small business owners need to stay cool, calm, and collected. Our jobs are high pressure especially if we have employees working for us. It’s easy to get stressed or have high anxiety, but remaining calm even when sales are low or your dealing with an unhappy customer will have a direct impact on your future success

Thank you so much Katelyn for your generous giveaway!

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