uncomfortable transitions & growth.

I still remember the first time adulthood really smacked me in the face and knocked me down hard, I mean flat on my back hard. I kept thinking to myself if this is what being an adult is about, I want out. No thanks, I’m done adulting! I’m going back to collage.

Although I’m very stubborn about change and uncomfortable transitions, there is one thing that this journey called being an adult has taught me and that is when I am uncomfortable it means I’m growing as a person.

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I feel like most of the time I go through a transition kicking and screaming (internally at least). Wanting to resist every turn and bump and then all of a sudden before I know it, it’s over. It’s like the feeling after a storm, you’re not sure what quite hit but at the same time there is this eerie sense of calm until the next storm hits. Almost every time I go through this, I find significant personal growth has taken place. I realize that all the struggling and uphill climbing was worth it, because in the end it helped mold and shape me into the person I am today.

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