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Resistance is more powerful the closer the idea is to the heart

Alright ladies, let’s get real about this idea of resistance and be honest when we say that we have all felt it in our life at some point or another. I recently heard someone say on a podcast (surprise! I am a podcast junkie) that those dreams and ideas that are closest to our heart and are our true desires, create much more resistance than those ho-hum ideas that don’t ignite your soul.



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Influential Gal has been a dream of mine for so long and it truly is one of my passions to share other women’s’ inspirational stories but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have never felt so much internal resistance before. I think that when we put all our dreams and passions out for the world to see, it is SCARY! Our minds start racing thinking thoughts like “Can I really do this?” or “Who am I say this?” but you know what makes it all worth it? It’s all of the positive feedback and encouragement you get along the way.

If you have an idea that simply just feels “right” in your heart and soul, go after it! The journey will be tough, it will be full of resistance but in the end, doesn’t the resistance make the success all the more sweeter? I think so and I am not willing to let go of my dreams and passions just because they seem hard or unattainable, because girl, if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything that heart of yours desires.

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Friday Inspo

I hope you had an amazing week and are ready for an even better weekend! My husband and I are off for a short getaway weekend to Knoxville for a college friends wedding. I am excited to have some time to decompress and celebrate a beautiful couple. I have to admit that this week was challenging and at times I definitely felt overwhelmed. If you are feeling the same way, I want to remind you to take a seasons to breath. Enjoy some inspirational links below and make sure to take some time for yourself this weekend.


Red wine makes me mean - this made me  laugh because I can definitely relate

Why we should replace “pretty” with “pretty brilliant” 

I want one of each, please!

Why you should spend your money on experiences, not things

Are you a renter? You need these 7 products

The importance of federal trademarks for small businesses

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Be Present

The busier we get the more we start to try and do many things at once. However, this can often take a toll on our relationships, our emotional health and wellbeing. Being present in the setting you’re in can help quite a bit. This includes trying not to take work home at night or on the weekend (I know, I know, we are all guilty of this sometimes). It also means that when you are at work, you are strictly at work. I am all for taking a Facebook break every so often but try and be productive as possible while you are in the office.


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Some of there tricks that might help you be present more, include:

  1. Breathe – many of us don’t take enough deep breaths during the day. Deep breathing (or as I call belly breathing) can be extremely cleansing and relaxing and will help get you centered and focused.
  2. Prioritize – make a list of what has to get done right away and another of more long-term items that don’t need to get accomplished right away. This will help you focus and conquerer the most important items and will ensure you don’t feel completely overwhelmed.
  3. Set time aside – set some time each day where you can let you mind wander and think or dream about anything but after that time is up, come back to the present moment and refocus your energy in the time and place you are currently in.
  4. Relax – a racing mind will only make being present harder. Only think about the here and now and let go of the past and future. It is out of your control so focus on what you can control.

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Are you an Influential Gal?

The best part about Influential Gal is sharing stories of women who are rocking it at life and have a compelling story to share. I would love to hear from YOU if you know someone or if you, yourself would be a good fit to be profiled on the IG site. I think everyone has an amazing story of what they have been through in life or how they got to where they are today so please do share! Whether its the podcast or a blog post, I would love to share your story. Email your nominations (a friend or you) to lauren{at}influentialgal{dot}com. Let’s empower each other to share what make us each uniquely beautiful. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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Friday Inspo

A small dose of inspiration will be a weekly segment that carries you into your weekend with some must-read articles, the hot new clothing trend or an online resource that will make your professional and personal life a breeze. Here is this week’s round-up for the wonderful weekend ahead. See you Monday!

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Such a simplistic yet perfect beauty routine.

One women’s choice to opt out of motherhood.

My go-to spring uniform.

Yoga you can do at your desk

Should you do your taxes or hire a professional?

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