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west coast fall.

Fall is my favorite season by far! I love the changing vibrant leaves, cooler temps and pumpkin EVERYTHING! But this year is different.

I’m in California instead of Kansas City, which means less of a dramatic seasonal change. However, the leaves do still change color here in Northern California so all is not lost! The temps are starting to go from 90/100 degrees to 75/85 degrees, which is a BIG deal, people! This new change in temperature has got me thinking about my fall wardrobe in a new light. My chunky knit sweaters are going to have to wait a couple more months to make their debut but I’m learning how to embrace fall with some of my favorite staples, just in a new way.

The look I’m sharing today is a take on my new approach to West Coast fall. The olive green top I’m wearing screams autumn with its color, yet the short sleeves and lighter weight fabric make it bearable to wear. It will also be great for layering under a leather jacket in the winter.

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I’ve been waiting for the perfect fall shoe to come into my life and these brown suede fringe booties are it!! Not only are they fairly comfortable but they have a peep toe, perfect for the warmer weather I’m now experiencing. These would be absolutely adorable paired with a printed boho dress that are so popular this year.

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The only way I know how to experience change is by diving head first into it. Although, I’m many miles from home, familiarity, friends and family, I’m trying to look at this move as a brush stroke in my larger adventure. Nothing is permanent; however, we usually get so used to the changes that when it’s time to leave or move on, we never want to go. Change is happening, both with the season and life. I’m embracing it with my full being.

Outfit Details: Booties//Target (Similar Here), Jeans//Banana Republic, Top//Target (in-stores only), Purse//Michael Kors (Similar Here), Necklace//Kendra Scott

** Photo credit, Amanda Sebastiani.

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The French Girl Way.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram than you know that I recently went on a whirlwind trip around Europe. It was a fantastic week and a half long trip where we traveled around Italy, France and Spain. I knew I was going to love it all but one country in particular really struck me as magical. France was unbelievable! We docked in Marsilles and then drove to a quaint French village called Cassis. The food, the culture, the people were beautiful. EVERYTHING was beautiful!

The French seem so care free yet completely put together. The best way I can describe the French girls’ style is effortlessly chic. Now that I am home, I am determined to recreate some of the looks I saw while over there so i’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks from my recent trip to help you do fashion and beauty the French girl way. Effortlessly Chic!



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1. Piecey, tousled hair.

I’m guilty of overdoing it with the hot tools. I spend way too much tim fussing over my hair and straightening it when half way through the day it’s wavy anyways. Following the French on this tip has never been easier. I even tried this a couple days on the trip after seeing a couple women pal around town with their natural locks. The trick is to shower at night and let your hair air dry just to the point of it being damp before you sleep on it. I also worked in some Moroccan oil before sleeping on my damp hair to tame any frizzes. When you wake up, just spray your hair with a little hairspray to tame any flyways.

2. Neutrals over trends.

The French most always choose neutral classic pieces over trendier ones. I never saw crop tops, pastel dresses or floral tops while I was over there. Instead I saw black and white striped shirts, cropped black pants, camel colored scarves and ballet flats. Their style was simple yet used all of the best neutral pieces to achieve the same elevated look you might create with trendier pieces. Plus, investing in more neutral classic pieces will allow you to get more use out of the clothes you buy, rather than getting rid of them away after the trend has ended.

3. Wear your color on your lips.

As I mentioned above, French women don’t wear much color but rather make up for it with bright poppy shades of lipstick, and I’m not talking lipgloss, I’m talking a matte lip stain. My favorite one I saw was bright red paired with black cropped pants, leopard flats and a white peplum top. Simple, yet oh so chic!

Curious to know more so you can emulate the French on your own? Check out a few of my favorite articles around the web.


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Europe Packing List.

As I mentioned in my newsletter last week (make sure to sign up on the homepage if you haven’t already), I am back from a short blogging sabatical and am looking forward to entering the world of Influential Gal. Thank you for joining me on this special journey, I am so glad you are here. I am headed to Europe in a week and a half for a short trip around Italy, France and Spain (make sure to follow along). It will be my first time across the pond so I am beyond stroked. However, packing is always the hardest part. To help me decide what type of items I wanted to bring, I created the below vision board. All of the pieces are completely mix and match which are a must and they are all super comfy. I recently polled my Facebook readers to see what they thought the essentials were for Europe and the two pieces of advice I received over and over again were bring a lot of light weight dresses and comfortable walking shoes (trying to stay away from tennis shoes so I don’t completely scream American).

Europe Packing List


I once heard a lady in the airport telling people to “travel with grace.” I simply loved the expression because most of us travel in a rush and are sometimes less than friendly (I know a screaming baby on the flight doesn’t help) but we often forget its a time when we have the ability to make an impact on so many others’ day. So for any of you traveling in the near future “travel with grace.”

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