the serious weekender.

As described on Urban Dictionary, weekending is the antonym of “Mondaying”.

Everyone has their ideal vision of what a weekend might look like; everything from sleeping in, brunching, meeting up with friends or exploring something new. I love my downtime on the weekends to refresh and restart for the week ahead but I’ve also come to love the concept of weekending.

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After recently moving to California, I’ve discovered the art of weekend getaways and day trips. We live in Northern California and have some of the country’s most unique places at our fingertips so we’ve tried to take a weekend/day trip any free couple of days we can get our hands on.

Some that we’ve explored have included South Lake Tahoe, Napa, Amador Valley (great local wine) and El Dorado Hills (great for hiking). Next up on my list is Big Sur, a friend and I are thinking about going glamping at this ridiculously cool Airbnb.

Weekending requires a certain level of planning but also spontaneity. It’s best to approach it with a bit of wanderlust. Having a day or two to explore as you go, to see what you’ll run into is the best kind of weekending. However, you need to iron out a few details such as where to stay and what to pack.


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What to pack… this can be pretty daunting for a full-on vacation. But for a weekend, have a little fun with it.

Here are my weekending essentials:

Essential #1: A sturdy yet minimal bag to carry all your weekend essentials. One of my favorites is here.

Essential #2: A swimsuit. Living on the West coast means a lot more warm weather so I want to always be prepared, whether it be a hot tub, lake or the ocean. Here is one I just recently ordered. It’s a super unique cut and it was inexpensive.

Essential #3: Shades. Gotta have ‘em!

Essential #4: Small notebook to capture inspo. I always carry around a small journal to capture anything that inspires me along my travels. Usually traveling is my biggest source of inspiration and creativity so this is a must-have for me.

Happy weekending loves! There’s a lovely, wild world out there. Go explore it!

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