The French Girl Way.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram than you know that I recently went on a whirlwind trip around Europe. It was a fantastic week and a half long trip where we traveled around Italy, France and Spain. I knew I was going to love it all but one country in particular really struck me as magical. France was unbelievable! We docked in Marsilles and then drove to a quaint French village called Cassis. The food, the culture, the people were beautiful. EVERYTHING was beautiful!

The French seem so care free yet completely put together. The best way I can describe the French girls’ style is effortlessly chic. Now that I am home, I am determined to recreate some of the looks I saw while over there so i’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks from my recent trip to help you do fashion and beauty the French girl way. Effortlessly Chic!



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1. Piecey, tousled hair.

I’m guilty of overdoing it with the hot tools. I spend way too much tim fussing over my hair and straightening it when half way through the day it’s wavy anyways. Following the French on this tip has never been easier. I even tried this a couple days on the trip after seeing a couple women pal around town with their natural locks. The trick is to shower at night and let your hair air dry just to the point of it being damp before you sleep on it. I also worked in some Moroccan oil before sleeping on my damp hair to tame any frizzes. When you wake up, just spray your hair with a little hairspray to tame any flyways.

2. Neutrals over trends.

The French most always choose neutral classic pieces over trendier ones. I never saw crop tops, pastel dresses or floral tops while I was over there. Instead I saw black and white striped shirts, cropped black pants, camel colored scarves and ballet flats. Their style was simple yet used all of the best neutral pieces to achieve the same elevated look you might create with trendier pieces. Plus, investing in more neutral classic pieces will allow you to get more use out of the clothes you buy, rather than getting rid of them away after the trend has ended.

3. Wear your color on your lips.

As I mentioned above, French women don’t wear much color but rather make up for it with bright poppy shades of lipstick, and I’m not talking lipgloss, I’m talking a matte lip stain. My favorite one I saw was bright red paired with black cropped pants, leopard flats and a white peplum top. Simple, yet oh so chic!

Curious to know more so you can emulate the French on your own? Check out a few of my favorite articles around the web.


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