Taking Seasons to Breathe

As a high achiever, as probably most of you are, I can often work myself into the ground. However, this isn’t always sustainable. Especially when some major life event happens. When my mom passed away two years ago, I took a whole year to revoker and take care of my basic needs and myself before I could reinvest myself into my “side hustle” and other activities again. It was extremely hard to sit still and just breathe. But I knew that if I didn’t take that time, I would always regret it.


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You may be going through a season in life where you need to take a step back from all of the “extras” your doing. Start by ridding your life of everything but the basics, so keep your daily work, close relationships and basic needs met. If it falls outside these three categories take a break from it, this could include your side hustle, organizations your a part of, etc. I am not suggesting getting rid of everything that makes you happy but rather, just the things that are taking up too much space in your life that might be hindering your healing process.

You’ll know when the time is right to continue on with your “extras” and I promise that after taking a break, you will come back refreshed and inspired, and most importantly you took the crucial time to heal your soul and spirit.

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