London Living, Part 1.

I have always dreamed of living abroad but never thought that it would become a reality, especially in my 20’s. So you can imagine I was ecstatic to hear my husband had the opportunity to do a medical rotation abroad. As it turns out my company has an office over there. After many months of working on logistics, I was able to work out of our London office and go satisfy my need for wanderlust.

I’ve been to Europe once before and really enjoyed it but was also a little overwhelmed so I wasn’t expecting to like London as much as I did. It’s now one of my favorite cities to live in and visit. If you have the chance to go to London, I highly recommend it and have shared my recommendations on places to eat, visit, stay and play. I’ll also share my recommendations for our weekend trips took to Cambridge, Englaand; Paris, France; and Edinburgh, Scotland.

London Restaurant Recommendations

Quick Healthy Food – London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and eating out for every meal can be very procey and not very healthy. Which is why I made it a priority to find healthy food on a budget.

  • Itsu – I recommend the Chicken Teriyaki potsu or the salmon sushi. Also, they sell everything for 1/2 price an hour before closing every night so you can get sushi for 3-4 pounds. For how expensive food in London is this was a great deal.


  • Coco Di Mama – Their known for fast gourmet pasta. And as a carb lover I couldn’t resist the naked pesto. So good!
  • Pret a Manger – A selection of fast fresh food with no preservatives can be found here. They are on every corner and relatively inexpensive.
  • Tossed – A healthy high-protein bowl is a must-have here. Just beware that they will give you a random name for your order so I had no idea when mine was ready because they were calling a man’s name. I was so confused.
  • M&S Market – A market with delicious healthy pre-made food. Also, relatively inexpensive.

Nicer Options

  • Pizza Pilgrims (Soho) – This isn’t just any kind of pizza, its gourmet with unique flavors make it a fun quick stop in Soho. I got the portobello truffle oil pizza.
  • The Wellness Kitchen (Covent Garden) – A very authentic Korean restaurant where English is optional. They served up a stir-fry with sweet potato noodles. Just beware that seating is very limited so it might be best to take it to go.


  • The Fire Station (Waterloo) – This place was so cool we ended up going twice. Its an old renovated fire station with the best burgers and beer in central London.
  • Dishoom (Picadilly Circus) – London is known to have the best Indian food and Dishoom definitely did not disappoint. It was a little pricey but the naan and chicken tika were out of this world.
  • The Table (Southwark) – A brunch lover’s dream. They basically gave us a massive pancake with eggs, sausage and bacon piled on top. Oh and the strong coffee made me enjoy it even more.


  • Pachamama (Oxford Circus) – I had no idea what Peruvian food was like prior to this experience but am a new fan. We had plantains covered in feta cheese and honey and spicy grilled peppers among many other dishes.


  • Joe & The Juice - I thought this was a little over-prices but still enjoyed my acai bowl and green juice.
  • Costa Coffee – These around every corner as well and have lattes as big as my face and the best breakfast sandwiches with sausage, eggs and bacon.



Stay tuned for more Living in London recommendations!




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