Influential Gal(s): CS Gems + giveaway

I would love to introduce you to Carrie and Stacy, co-founder’s of CS Gems. CS Gems started with two good friends from Edwardsville, IL, who decided in 2013 to go into business together selling vintage jewelry and up-cycled/repurposed original jewelry creations from found items. The idea behind CS Gems is to “make vintage modern”.  In addition to running the business they started a fashion blog that showcases our pieces with modern trends in fashion. I did a behind the scenes interview with them to get the scoop on what keeps them going and what advice they have for other entrepreneurs. Oh and they were kind enough to giveaway one of their beautiful tassel necklaces. Details below!
 CS 2
1. What makes you an Influential Gal(s)?
We had an idea and acted on it. Every day people have wonderful thoughts and ideas but they never see them out. Just think of all the amazing products and/or businesses out there that would have never happened if it’s originator hadn’t actually acted on their idea! One day (while on a playdate with our children) we had this idea and instead sloughing it off and letting it go we actually went with it. We have worked very hard in the last 2 years to get this business up and running.
2. What keeps you motivated or inspired?
We have met so many inspirational, hard working and talented people through social media. Instagram is FULL of fabulous inspiration when it comes to our field of business. What keeps us motivated is just our utter desire to see our ideas come to fruition and to ultimately get compensated for them.
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3. What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs who are trying to start their own business?
The old cliche holds SO true…just don’t give up! Most businesses don’t flourish overnight, it takes serious time…and serious work. You definitely need a strong work ethic to make it as a small business owner. Also, be on the lookout for networking opportunities all the time! You can always learn something new from others in the biz.
4. What is a typical day like for you two?
Literally every day is different, but we each have 2 kids, so our days always start pretty early! After getting the school-aged kiddos off to school, there are always errands to run. We are constantly emailing/texting/calling each other throughout the day (every single day!) passing ideas back and forth. Some days consists of taking photos for our website and social media, shopping (online and in person) for our store inventory and vintage pieces, putting ads together, and searching for and coming up with new ideas for promotions and campaigns.
Keeping up with our social media sites is a job in and of itself…very time consuming!
We also both have workout routines that we stick to pretty regularly, so we usually fit a workout in at some point in the day.
Before we know it it’s time to pick the kids up from school and we have no idea where the time went! Then of course it’s dinner/homework/baths/bedtime routines and then sometimes we do a little more work before we hit the hay!

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Thank you CS Gems for the generous giveaway. If you would like to reach out to Carrie or Stacy, feel free to reach out on Facebook or Twitter
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    • Lauren Ellis
      April 14, 2015 at 12:58 pm (5 years ago)

      Thank YOU! I love hearing your story and am especially loving the vintage tassel necklace!

      Love, Lauren


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