Europe Packing List.

As I mentioned in my newsletter last week (make sure to sign up on the homepage if you haven’t already), I am back from a short blogging sabatical and am looking forward to entering the world of Influential Gal. Thank you for joining me on this special journey, I am so glad you are here. I am headed to Europe in a week and a half for a short trip around Italy, France and Spain (make sure to follow along). It will be my first time across the pond so I am beyond stroked. However, packingĀ is always the hardest part. To help me decide what type of items I wanted to bring, I created the below vision board. All of the pieces are completely mix and match which are a must and they are all super comfy. I recently polled my Facebook readers to see what they thought the essentials were for Europe and the two pieces of advice I received over and over again were bring a lot of light weight dresses and comfortable walking shoes (trying to stay away from tennis shoes so I don’t completely scream American).

Europe Packing List


I once heard a lady in the airport telling people to “travel with grace.” I simply loved the expression because most of us travel in a rush and are sometimes less than friendly (I know a screaming baby on the flight doesn’t help) but we often forget its a time when we have the ability to make an impact on so many others’ day. So for any of you traveling in the near future “travel with grace.”

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