Beautiful Women Sharing Their Beauty Secrets: Jessie Artigue

Today, I am chatting with Jessie Artigue from Style & Pepper. I had the opportunity to first meet Jessie at a go blog social conference last year and was so inspired by her natural beauty that radiates inside and out. She has a natural glow about her that instantly draws you in, so when thinking about who I would feature next, it was a no brainer.
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1. What is your beauty routine?
I definitely have a basic routine for morning and night, but love to switch things up depending on the season and my current favorites. I always start with a cold water rinse followed by homemade toner (which is just unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with water) and then apply 30+ spf before my morning workout. On the days I apply makeup, I use bare minerals complexion rescue (tinted moisturizer) and hardly ever leave the house without concealer, a bit of cream blush and 2-3 coats of mascara. At night, it’s cleansing with a blend of essential oils + a warm washcloth (no soap for me!) followed by another round of my toner and more oil: Jojoba under the eyes, tea tree oil for any blemishes or pimples, and coconut oil on any dry patches and chapped lips. I also drink a TON of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, and stay away from all types of sugar to keep my skin clear of the cystic acne that I used to have as a teen. (Lovely, I know.)
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2. What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
I am a huge believer that when women find their confidence in truth, we appear as the most beautiful version of ourselves. I also know that taking the precious steps toward self-care can be a wonderful way to cultivate that confidence, and I LOVE teaching and coaching women through this process by using my approach at
3. What were you taught about beauty growing up?
 I feel so blessed to have a family who is very generous with compliments on inner AND outer beauty… I can actually remember when my brother or I were little and would make “good decisions” as kids, my parents would say – “That is beautiful!” as an affirmation. Looking back, I can see the importance of hearing that working hard in school or helping someone in need was just as beautiful as a bright smile or a new braid in my hair.
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Thank you Jessie for sharing!
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