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The busier we get the more we start to try and do many things at once. However, this can often take a toll onĀ our relationships, our emotional health and wellbeing. Being present in the setting you’re in can help quite a bit. This includes trying not to take work home at night or on the weekend (I know, I know, we are all guilty of this sometimes). It also means that when you are at work, you are strictly at work. I am all for taking a Facebook break every so often but try and be productive as possible while you are in the office.


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Some of there tricks that might help you be present more, include:

  1. Breathe – many of us don’t take enough deep breaths during the day. Deep breathing (or as I call belly breathing) can be extremely cleansing and relaxing and will help get you centered and focused.
  2. Prioritize – make a list of what has to get done right away and another of more long-term items that don’t need to get accomplished right away. This will help you focus and conquerer the most important items and will ensure you don’t feel completely overwhelmed.
  3. Set time aside – set some time each day where you can let you mind wander and think or dream about anything but after that time is up, come back to the present moment and refocus your energy in the time and place you are currently in.
  4. Relax – a racing mind will only make being present harder. Only think about the here and now and let go of the past and future. It is out of your control so focus on what you can control.

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